Of mice and men, MMXXI: Anaphylaxis

Key words

When Portier and Richet demonstrated in 1902 that repeated injections of a foreign substance could lead to increasingly severe reactions up to and including rapid death, they used a jellyfish toxin to immunize dogs and the Greek term ἀνά-φύλαξισ or nonprotection. Thus there is no doubt that animal models can provide important information about these reactions and that they can be very severe. In their article in the current issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Gertie et al

  • Gertie J.A.
  • Zhang B.
  • Liu E.G.
  • Hoyt L.R.
  • Yin X.
  • Xu L.
  • et al.
Oral anaphylaxis to peanut in a mouse model is associated with gut permeability but not with Tlr4 or Dock8 mutations.