LETTER TO THE EDITOR: God’s protection during pandemic

My daughter Ingrid works for a heart surgeon as a medical assistant. She says that many people are coming to the clinic she works at after they have had COVID-19. They have developed serious heart problems where they were previously healthy. If people do not get both vaccines, they can get COVID again every six months. Antibodies act in your system for five months after you recover. After she told me that, I sat down to write this story as numerous people in southern Manitoba are vaccine hesitant. I feel they need a wakeup call.

In early 2019, there came a worldwide disease to Planet Earth. This latest pandemic spread quickly because humans have very much become world travellers unlike any other time on earth. The humans prayed to God to protect them from the pandemic and to keep their children safe. God sent PPE (personal protective equipment) in the form of face masks and hand sanitizer. Gowns and face shields were given to the very brave health care workers. Some of the humans didn’t believe that the pandemic was something to be wary of, or even real, and they decided not to use the protective equipment that God provided. Some of these people were carriers of the pandemic and others became very ill. Many of them died a slow and terrible death.

The people in every country on earth prayed to God to send a cure to protect them from the pandemic. God quickly gave some humans of the WHO (World Health Organization) instructions on how to keep people on Planet Earth safe and intelligence to some drug research companies on how to make a nearly 100% effective vaccine so that the people of Planet Earth would be safe. He advised the political parties of every country on God’s great earth to advise people to stay safe, not to socialize with anyone outside of their households, to close businesses and close schools so that humans, especially children, would all stay protected.

The political parties on earth cooperated like they had never before. Very little bickering was heard on the airwaves. Some of the people obeyed the political parties in every country on earth. Some of them didn’t believe in modern day miracles and went about spreading the terrible pandemic instead. God was sad that some of His most dedicated followers didn’t believe in the miracle of modern day medicine and that they rebelled against the cure that even they had prayed for. They rebelled against health advice that the governments recommended. God has asked us to pray for and to follow our governments.

Communication between people on Planet Earth was at an all-time low, but during the pandemic people went onto their balconies and cheered on the very brave health care workers. Teachers became much better teachers and made learning fun, even though our precious children had to stay at home and learn from devices they were not enthusiastic about using. But they were safe and God saw that it was good and God was happy.

People who had not spoken to their neighbours, friends or family for years suddenly became caring people and asked how each other was, and some even offered to drop off food for others. And God saw that it was good and God was happy.

Planet Earth had become a very dirty place to live. There was pollution in every country on the perfect place God had created for all humans to enjoy and live in peace and be safe. When the humans stayed home the earth became a cleaner place. There was clean water in places where there had not been clean water for many years, and God saw that it was good and God was happy.

The humans’ pets were happy because the humans they lived with were giving them more attention and life was suddenly more fun and worthwhile for them. Wild animals were much freer to roam without being shot at or chased away from their own comfortable homes, and God saw that it was good and God was happy.

Let’s all be happy that God has created a miracle cure for the latest pandemic so that humans of Planet Earth can go back to open their businesses, return to schools, have less strain on health care workers, give each other hugs and still care about their neighbours, both next door and across the wonderful, perfect Planet Earth God has created for all of us to live in peace and contentment.

The moral of this story: believe in the cure and go get vaccinated so we can all go back to a normal way of living. Please, let’s all take better care of Mother Nature so we can live cleaner, better lives. Let’s take special care of our elderly, children, pets and wild animals. And God will see that it will be good, and God will be happy. And we will all be healthier and happier.


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