Johnson and Biden at G7 and Hancock denying PPE shortages – Friday’s papers |

Pictures of Carrie Symonds, her son Wilfred, and First Lady Jill Biden on a Cornish beach feature on many Friday front pages, alongside stories of the G7 and coronavirus.

The Daily Mail refers to the meeting of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden as a “love-in”, saying the families bonded with “a display of extraordinary warmth”.

The Daily Express writes “Brexit tensions are brushed aside” as the world leaders met on the eve of the summit, but The Guardian reports a “bitter Brexit standoff” could overshadow the summit as French President Emmanuel Macron says “nothing is negotiable” on the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol.

And The Independent also leads on Mr Macron’s views on the treaty surrounding trade across the Irish Sea.

Meanwhile, a potential delay to lifting Covid restrictions leads The Times, with the paper saying ministers are considering delaying the full easing for a month to allow time for more people to have two jabs.

A similar story leads the i, which says a shortage of Pfizer jabs “hits hopes” for the June 21 easing.

Theresa May’s view that her successor’s travel restrictions are “incomprehensible” leads The Daily Telegraph.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s claim there was no national shortage of PPE leads Metro and the Daily Mirror.

While the Daily Star takes a look at another aspect of Mr Hancock’s grilling by MPs, saying he denied being “a big fibber about care home testing”.

The Sun leads with an open letter to the England football team ahead of Euro 2020.

And the Financial Times says inflationary pressures have “flared up” in the US.

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