Gov. Beshear says Kentucky succeeded by putting science over politics – Ohio

Gov. Beshear says Kentucky succeeded by putting science over politics

Good afternoon, Just over 15 months ago, On February 27, I held my first news conference on COVID-19. It was still just a week before. We had had our first case here in Kentucky but concerns about this emerging global health pandemic. We’re growing and I was determined to let Kentucky ins know that their state government was already mobilizing teams and resources to protect our people. Today, we are lifting the final restrictions put in place that have kept our people safe during this once in a lifetime global pandemic. Let me be clear. COVID-19 remains deadly. Our war against it is not yet won. This will not be the last time I speak about Covid during a press conference. But after more than 15 months of struggle and of sacrifice, we can say this while Covid remains a threat. We are no longer in crisis because of that extraordinary achievement and all of the hard work by so many that it represents today. We are lifting all capacity limits. We are effectively ending mask mandates and ending healthy at work requirements in its place. In just a minute. I’ll sign a new executive order that resends all of those previous restrictions and then keeps the mask measure in place only for a few high risk settings identified by the CDC’s that include public transit, health care settings and long term care facilities. Given this moment, I know a lot of people worked really hard. So I’d at least like to ask dr stack Secretary Freelander, my chief of staff, uh Latasha to come up here and join me as I sign this executive order ending our restrictions here in Kentucky. Michael Brown, would you join us as well please? Mm. All right. Here we go. And there are always two and it’s done. Mhm. Thank you. You want me to hold on to yours. Mhm. After more than a year of being at war with this virus, we have the hard won knowledge on how to lessen the spread and now to even defeat the virus with safe and effective vaccines. For these reasons. This will be the last official briefing centered on the crisis phase of covid in the commonwealth. So with that, let’s turn to today’s covid report as we have most days, we’re starting today’s covid briefing with some good news and this isn’t just good news. It’s really great news. It’s the reason we are breaking free of this crisis. More and more Kentucky ins are choosing to get their shot of hope. As of today, over 2.1 million Kentucky ins have received at least their first shot of one of the approved vaccines. Today’s vaccination number 2106464 We’re now over 82% of all Kentucky and age 65 and up 58% of all Kentucky in 18 years or older and 50% now. 49.5%. According to actually last week’s Uh report from the federal government, more than 50% of Kentucky adults 18 years or older are now fully vaccinated. We’ve also seen nearly 370,000 kentuckians register for our shot at a million, which is going to make three lucky Kentucky in ages 18 or older millionaires. While 15 Kentucky ins ages 12 to 17 will win three full ride scholarships to Kentucky colleges, universities, community and technical schools. The opportunity there is incredible. So in the coming weeks Again, three vaccinated Kentucky in because you must have received at least your first shot of hope will become millionaires and 15 Kentucky ins will win free ride scholarships for higher education. That is life changing, opening up untold possibilities and opportunities besides entering the drawing, all you need to do is the best possible thing you can do get vaccinated, 2.1 million Kentucky ins can be wrong. It’s time to join those fellow Kentucky is working to defeat this virus. As a reminder drawings will be held July, 1, 29 and August 26 with winners announced the day after each drawing. Once again 370,000 kentuckians have already signed up in just over a week. If you haven’t yet, you could do so at shot at a million ky dot gov. Remember you have up until the day before that drawing I think to go ahead and get your first dose of vaccine and you will be eligible if you don’t before the first drawing. You can get your first shot any time before the second drawing and be eligible and anyone who’s registered, we’ll stay eligible all the way through for the drawings. Remember It’s great that there’s a shot at $1 million. It’s great that there is a shot at a full ride scholarship. But this is how you protect yourself from a deadly virus, protect everyone around you and ultimately give us a full and final victory against COVID-19. So with that, let’s look at today’s COVID-19. Report numbers Today, we’re reporting 237 new cases of COVID-19 and nine deaths attributable to the virus. Our test positivity rate stands at 2.05 Those reported to have died from COVID-19. And this is the last time I’ll be reading these and clue to women Ages 54 and 71 from Gallatin County, A 71 year old man from Harlan County, A 52 year old man and a 99 year old woman from Jefferson County. A 60 year old woman from Jessamine County, A 66 year old man from McCreary County, A 92 year old man from Nelson County And a 56 year old man from Todd County. As we have all along, Let’s remember that those aren’t just ages or counties or genders. They are irreplaceable Kentucky ins that will be missed by their families and by their communities and to those families. It doesn’t matter that has happened in the last couple months of when Covid is preying upon us. It is still a huge loss for them. And let’s remember all the other Kentucky ins that have been taken from us in many instances, in the hardest ways that are imaginable, sometimes alone. Sometimes the health care worker holding their hand if they’re lucky with an ipad so their family can say goodbye to those families, not being able to be there to hold. Traditional funerals have just taken a dark time and made it more difficult. So until we hit multiple days where we have zero deaths, I know what I’m going to continue to light where I’m living up green And we’ll continue to ring the bells at 10. a.m. Until we can say that zero individuals are dying of covid in a positive news from today. I guess the last regular covid report, the very last federal report that we get moved us from red to yellow and moderate transmission. It’s been more than a year since. We have seen a report like this coming from the federal government with virtually every single category going down and having done so for multiple weeks, saving lives of as many Kentucky ins as possible has been the motivating focus of my administration in fighting this war, fighting this virus this long and this publicly tears away any pretense any facade. I think people have seen me and they know that at my core I very deeply care about the people of the commonwealth, Determined early on that COVID-19 was beyond anything any of us had ever faced in our lifetimes, the seriousness, the deadliest. The deadliness of this photo required us to treat this for what it is a war and in fact a war that’s taken more Kentucky and than any war that we have been through. A major part of that war was making sure people had the facts about a brand new virus sometimes, What we knew about it, changing very quickly and how it was acting. Changing quickly explaining to people the steps we would need to take in our response as our body of knowledge grew larger. So from that first briefing back in February 2022. Now, We’ve conducted 250 news conferences specifically, or mostly related to Covid. More than once, we held multiple
covid briefings in the same day, my faith teaches me that we are our brother and our sister’s keeper. If we didn’t know this before, this pandemic brought into stark focus that all of our actions or our failures to act impact those around us, that we are all connected and here…

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