Letter: Forcing children to wear masks unnecessary – Hudson Valley One

Face masks are damaging our schoolchildren. Experts have indicated that there has been an alarming increase in emotional, psychological and social problems among schoolchildren – including self-harm and suicide. The rise of these problems coincides directly with the imposition of mask-wearing. Children are being forced to wear cloth face masks, which, according to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) do not even meet the minimum requirements for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The definitive mask study was done by Copenhagen University Hospital with over 6,000 subjects, and the results indicated there is no significant benefit from mask-wearing!

Schoolchildren have little, if any, risk of catching or transmitting Covid, and those rare students who do get sick have mild symptoms (and should stay home anyway). The recovery rate from Covid for children is virtually 100 percent. Why then are we forcing them to wear masks, which are clearly exacerbating all of their problems and contributing to their isolation, confusion, fear and anxiety?

Forcing children to wear masks is unnecessary, unconscionable and abusive. Haven’t we inflicted enough damage on our children already? These draconian measures must stop. The children have no voice and no choice. But you and I do! The health and safety of our children is at stake. Please speak out to your local school boards and demand an end to this perverse and useless form of child abuse.

Eli Kassirer
New Paltz

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