Divorcing Portland, Enchanted Forest, and ‘hazard removal’

Much to lose without masks

As parents of children in the Salem-Keizer Public Schools, we strongly disapprove of the updated mask policy, allowing students, staff, volunteers and visitors to not wear masks outside while attending school and school events.

This policy seems counter to the current CDC guidelines, which loosen the mask requirements only for people who are fully vaccinated.

While the risk of transmission does seem to be lower outside, it is not zero. There is little to be gained and much to lose by allowing children to take off their masks outside.

Marion Country is still considered high risk, especially at the elementary school level where the students can not yet be vaccinated.

Acting as if we are already safe is foolish and inviting a continued outbreak and the potential evolution of new mutations. Vaccines are bringing us close to defeating the virus, but we are not yet there.

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