Kerala Student Designs Face Mask With Mic to Ease Communication Between Doctors

As masks have proven to be an essential part of our lives while we combat Covid-19, a student from Kerala has designed an innovative gadget that eases communication, especially for frontline workers and medical staff who wear layers of protective gear. Kevin Jacob, a first-year B.Tech student from Thrissur Government Engineering College, invented a mask that supports a mic and speaker. Kevin drew the inspiration to come up with this novel idea from his parents. As his both parents are doctors, he witnessed their struggles to communicate with others while being clad in heavy PPE kits. Ever since the beginning of pandemic, Kevin has seen the issues faced by his doctor parents while communicating with patients.

The gadget which is attached to the mask using a magnet can run for a total of 6 to 7 hours on a thirty minutes charge time. After testing the first prototype on his parents, Kevin started producing the product in a large quantity as and when the demand increased. Several doctors who have been using this remarkable gadget have given it a thumbs-up as it has reduced the communication gap between them and their patients. Now, they don’t have to strain much while interacting even through heavy layers of protective shields and uniform. Kevin revealed that the overall feedback from the users of the device is positive.

The young innovator now wants to collaborate with big companies for the mass production of his invention. Currently, he has made over 50 such devices that have already been used by doctors, mainly in southern India. He wants to take his path-breaking gadget invention on a large scale but doesn’t have the capital or equipment to support it. So, he is looking forward to collaborating with large companies to help him take his project forward.

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