Bryan ISD to require face masks until end of school year

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Gov. Abbott signed an executive order Tuesday that prohibits any government entity in Texas from mandating the use of masks, including school districts. Bryan ISD has announced masks will be optional starting May 29, 2021, the day after the last day of school.

Masks are still required to be worn throughout the day until May 29.

Dr. Christie Whitbeck, BISD Superintendent, said she made this decision for two reasons. With graduation ceremonies, end of school year concerts and recitals, state testing and sports events still scheduled, the school district does not want risk having to quarantine students, a class or a grade level due to a positive COVID-19 case.

Whitbeck also said teachers and staff agreed to come to work this year with a face covering requirement and other safety measures.

“…removing that requirement with eight days to go is not respectful to these educators, some who feel safer with masks in place,” said Whitbeck in a statement sent to BISD parents.

Masks will be optional at all four high school graduation ceremonies since they take place outside at Merrill Green Stadium, according to Whitbeck.

Starting Saturday, May 29, masks will be optional for all of Bryan ISD, which includes summer school and summer power camps. The district said it will continue to provide PPE like sneeze guards and hand sanitizer.

“We will continue to work with and follow guidance from our local health authority, the Department of State Health Services and the Texas Education Agency,” said the statement.

To read the full statement from Dr. Whitbeck, click here.

The governor’s executive order states that public schools are allowed to keep mask guidelines in place until June 4. After June 4, no student, teacher, parent or other staff member or visitor can be required to wear a mask while on campus.

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