A former police chief is worried about school safety after COVID

PANAMA CITY Fla. (WMBB) — The pandemic has allowed many of us to work from home, and continue to take classes under the safety of our own roofs.

Former Coral Springs Police Department Chief Tony Pustizzi said with all the time COVID-19 has allowed us to spend at home, he is worried about what it could mean for future school safety.

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Pustizzi said many who plan to commit a workplace shooting crime, take months to prepare and plan, COVID allowing for more of that.

School Resource Officers should be utilized, he said, as students and staff’s first defense against active shooter situations. That might not be the case for much longer, as there have been many talks nationally about removing the position from many schools.

“Diversion, mediation, it’s trying to get to know the kids more than a standard officer would know, and they are specially trained to do that,” said Pustizzi. “So to remove School Resource Officers it’s really kind of amazing that we are actually in 2021 doing that whereas we should be instilling in the schools a strong School Resource Officers.”

He said School Resource Officers bond with students and make a difference. Safety comes first, and he said officers are there to help not to hurt students.

You can learn more about Pustizzi and the ‘Guard 911’ workplace shooting seminars on their website.

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