Creighton Lodge Receives Mask Donation From Murray GM –

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Creighton Lodge has received support from many different corners of the community. On Wednesday, they got more support from a local business that donated some personal protective equipment to their residents. 

Murray GM announced on Wednesday they would be donating 1000 masks to the residents of Creighton Lodge. They timed it to coincide with GM Canada fulfilling their order of making 10 million masks for Health Canada. 

“They weren’t medical masks so our staff couldn’t wear them, but definitely they were appropriate masks for the residents to be wearing,” said Creighton Lodge Manager Shelly Veroba, “especially if we give them extra masks so they can go out and about and they can have different masks each time.”

The Lodge hasn’t taken too many donations of PPE over the course of the pandemic, but they’ve been grateful for all of them. St. Joseph’s Hospital donated some PPE earlier on this year, and now they have Murray GM’s contribution on top of that. 

“Murray GM has always been huge supporters of Creighton Lodge,” said Veroba. “We appreciate them every time they step up to the plate. Normally, it’s them coming to us asking how they can help us, so we really appreciate those phone calls when they give us a call.”

For those who want to make other sorts of donations to the Lodge, they’re more than willing to receive them. While they need to be somewhat selective with what they take in based on what they can actually use, they’ll let people know what they’re looking for when it comes to incoming PPE. 

“We always accept donations,” Veroba said. “We’re also very honest if we can or cannot use them. If it’s something that is not usable for the staff, if it’s not a medical grade mask or it isn’t anything we can use, then we would probably be very honest and say we cannot accept it for that use. But in this case, these masks are 100 percent suitable for the residents to wear when they’re outside to give them the protection that they need.”

Veroba added they’re hoping to be able to reopen their common area within the building soon, but they’re waiting on word from Sask Health. 

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