Govt tells private hospitals to open more Covid OPs

Thiruvananthapuram: As part of strengthening the preparations, the government has instructed private hospitals to open more Out Patient (OP) clinics due to the surge in Covid infections. The fever clinics in government hospitals must be converted to Covid OP clinics. If bed-ridden patients get infected with Covid, then oxygen facility must be provided at homes too.

All government hospitals must give priority for Covid treatment till May 31. Only emergency cases may be taken up by the hospitals besides Covid cases. More private hospitals must be made available for Covid treatment. ICU beds must be increased by 50 percent and oxygen supply must be ensured. The Covid OPs must provide necessary consulation, lab facilities and medicines to patients.

The new guidelines for hospitals also directed all taluk hospitals to keep atleast 5 oxygen beds with ventilator facilities. CSLTCs must work in association with taluk hospitals. Primary health centres, family health centres and other hospitals must procure the essential steroids and medicines that would be needed for patients.

Those in isolation at homes must be monitored and telemedicine facility must be strengthened. The government instructions also directs to ensure sufficient stock of PPE kit, gloves, N95 masks, face shields and other items.

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