Global Personal Protective Equipment Market Report 2021: Spending on PPE is

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The Personal Protective Equipment Market Report analyzes factors contributing to increased demand for PPE in healthcare, business, government, and personal use during the COVID-19 pandemic, and demonstrates why healthcare providers recognize distributors as trusted partners. This report also highlights a framework proposed by the publisher to create a more robust pandemic response infrastructure across the nation.

  • Spending on PPE is forecast to nearly triple by 2027
  • Distributors delivered 60 billion units of pandemic-related supplies in the first half of 2020 to help healthcare providers, a 15% increase over the same time period in 2019
  • Demand for N95 respirators will continue to grow more than 5% per year through 2024
  • Increased demand and limited manufacturing capacity are combining to create a predicted 37% shortfall in nitrile gloves in 2021
  • Raw material shortage used in making isolation gowns will continue to impact prices

Who Should Buy This Report

  • Healthcare investors
  • Health systems
  • Healthcare distributors
  • Healthcare manufactures
  • Group Purchasing Organizations
  • Government Health Agencies
  • State Health Agencies
  • Healthcare Providers

Key Topics Covered:

  • Distributors Are Trusted Partners With The Infrastructure And The Expertise Stakeholders Count On
  • Executive Summary
  • Key Terms Used In This Report
  • PPE Is Part Of A Global Medical Products Supply Chain
  • The Globalization Of The PPE Supply Chain Has Concentrated PPE Manufacturing In Asia
  • COVID-19 Had An Immediate Impact On Both PPE Supply And Demand In The U.S
  • COVID-19 Related Shutdowns And Restrictions Caused A Significant Disruption In Supply
  • COVID-19 Drove An Unprecedented Increase In PPE Demand
  • As Trusted Partners, Distributors Responded Quickly
  • Distributors And Suppliers Found Innovative Ways To Address Shortages
  • Distributors Flex As Hot Spots Shift
  • Sustained And Increased Demand For PPE Projected Through 2022
  • Global Hospital PPE Expenditures Are Expected To Nearly Triple By 2027
  • COVID-19 Is Projected To Drive Up Global Demand For Masks 23% Per Year For The Next Four Years
  • COVID-19 Demand Created A Significant Shortage Of N95 Respirators
  • U.S. Manufacturers Have Ramped Up Domestic Production Of N95s
  • The Global Surgical Mask Market Is Projected To Grow 8.5% Annually Through 2027
  • Increased Demand, Limited Raw Materials Contributed To Isolation Gown Shortages
  • Providers Used Conservation, Substitutions, And Innovation To Address Shortages
  • Malaysia And China Are The Primary Manufacturers Of Gloves For The World
  • The Increased Glove Demand Is Causing Extended Lead Times On Shipping
  • A Lack Of Manufacturing Capacity Is Causing A Global Glove Shortage
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic Continues To Create Challenges Across PPE Categories
  • Surging Demand Encouraged Opportunistic Brokers To Enter The PPE Market
  • New Stockpiling Initiatives Threaten To Divert PPE Still Needed On The Front Lines To The Back Shelf .
  • 29 States Report Building Their Own PPE Stockpile
  • Hospital Stockpiles Create Serious Financial And Functional Implications For Providers
  • Competitive Purchasing By States Contributed To Increased Prices
  • Increased PPE Production, More Conservation, And Larger Stockpiles Make America Better Prepared
  • There Is More PPE Available Globally And Nationally
  • Conservation Measures And Medical Protocols Are Making COVID-19 Treatment Less PPE Intensive
  • Healthcare Providers And Policymakers Are Creating And Replenishing Stockpiles
  • The Publisher Has Identified Key Elements Of A More Robust Pandemic Response Infrastructure
  • The First Line Of Defense Should Be Forward-Deployed PPE And Critical Product Reserves
  • The U.S. Should Expand And Diversify Its Surge Manufacturing Capacity Of Pandemic Supplies
  • The U.S. Should Maintain Sustainable And Replenished Stockpiles Of PPE And Medical Supplies
  • Stakeholders Should Work To Establish Clear End-User Aligned Supply Chains For Medical Products
  • Congress Should Pass Legislation That Capitalizes On The Existing Supply Chain Distribution Network

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