12 Best Over Glasses Safety Glasses Reviewed & Rated in 2021

 Over-glasses safety glasses make it convenient for those whose line of job demands strict imposition of safety and health protocols. They shed light on laborers needing maximum protection while wearing prescription glasses for optical correction or plenty of leeway for eye comfort.

best over glasses safety glasses

We need traditional eyeglasses from time to time due to our eye issues, so it is natural to keep them by our side. However, working in a turbulent environment carries the risk of eye injuries that are not usually under control by regular glasses.

You should search in every nook and cranny for the best over glasses safety glasses in the market that could help you increase optimal protection and comfort in every glance of your critical niche process.

Best Over Glasses Safety Glasses Reviews of 2021

1. NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses

NoCry lives up to their phenomenal and intriguing brand name because there are no tears left to cry with the exclusively top-notch performance of providing full-cycle guaranteed eye protection.

The company is a work and safety gear supplier that conforms to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards that verify and certify the mass production of safety working products. Plus, these safety glasses possess ANSI z87.1 (impact resistant embossed frame) and CSA z94.3 anti-safety hazard certification.

This fully loaded combo protection makes these over-the-glasses eyeglasses top-tier personal protective equipment at a low margin price.

They include a rubber-made frame that goes easy on your face, leaving no unpleasant marks. And the genius wraparound construction is composed of durable polycarbonate lenses that serve as an ultimate defense to UV radiation.

The overall lightweight body comfortably fits most reading/prescription glasses. They weigh an approximate 5.7 inches in width and 1.37 inches side length, and 1.77 in height in the center. The thin and soft end tips also tuck on your ears smoothly, and the adjustable temples have extensive arms that fit any face type for both men and women.

The next beautiful thing that captures me in a heartbeat is the scratch-resistant finish that also reveals an admirable high-definition quality vision anywhere at any time. If you work your butt off all-day outdoors, these glasses are beyond useful as it will help you see your environment without optical distortions.

As I analyze this product’s physicality, I can’t get enough of the peripheral side angled protection as the design and function greatly complement each other. Lastly, I commend the customer service of NoCry because they offer a limited lifetime warranty upon customer’s dissatisfaction feedback.

The only thing I noticed is that it leaves a tiny space under the eyes once worn, but I think it’s a minor mistake that doesn’t compromise the safety precautions during strenuous work conditions. Nonetheless, this protective eyewear is on fire!

What We Like

  • Multiple Safety Certification: OSHA, ANSI z87.1 and CSA z94.3
  • Soft rubberized frame, resting comfortably on the face
  • Well-engineered wraparound polycarbonate lenses with superb UV rays defense
  • It has a lightweight body that entertains most prescription eyeglasses.
  • Comfortable end tips that make the unwieldy wearing experience
  • Anti-scratch resistant coating, featuring HD quality clear eye view

An established first-class brand for full-fledged protection for workers, and I think these glasses don’t exude a “save the best for last” impression because, in my opinion, they managed to be the best safety eyeglasses option that deserves to be on the top list.

2. Gateway Safety 6980 Safety Glasses

Crystal Clear! The overall physical appearance looks neat and presentable in any nature of work. They come in 2 color variations: Clear and Smoke. Both give off a transparent full vision display that lets you see your work’s backlog details.

These goggles feature a virus protection structure that does not only intend to fit your prescription glasses but help you shield your eyes from the harmful infection caused by the unstable workplace condition.

The compact OTG design, which I find lovable, makes it possible for you to fit almost any prescription glasses you prefer. They also have a polycarbonate lens that you can depend on when it comes to sturdiness and durability on your all-day hectic work shift.

In addition to that, the lightweight structure would not give you a hard time with your work. The glasses have a soft nose piece that does not pinch nor hurt your nose when used for a long time. Hence, giving you undivided attention to your visual focus if you are doing a chemistry laboratory job or any work-related.

They support the Cover2 structure that highlights a modern-built design, which values not only the protection but also a professional finish appearance even in untidy work settings. Plus, the adjustable black temples have a small circular airway channel, making your temporal region free from excessive sweat.

Furthermore, they give a customized fit on your eyes as they settle at the side of your ears gently. I would recommend using them in indoor jobs like the hospital, laboratory, and factory work shifts. That is due to the presentable look they give when you’re doing your designated task with different types of people around you.

Since I just mentioned that this is ideal for indoor use, I would like to state the reason behind it. The glasses don’t provide a snug fit, so it means that you can’t use them for outdoor activities as they implicate more physical movements that can cause the safety glasses to slip off.

What We Like

  • Neat looking safety glasses with outstanding transparent eye viewing feature
  • Compact otg design that fits most prescription glasses
  • A virus protection safety goggles good for scientific laboratory jobs
  • Lightweight structure with soft nosepiece
  • Cover2 modern design with customized fit adjustable temples

What We Don’t Like

  • They may not give a snug fit as you desire.

I would strongly recommend these to jobs with one highly-concentrated indoor workplace that involves non-drastic movements to experience a stable cover on your eyes throughout the day.

They don’t look like your regular eye protection over glasses because they give you a professional impression while working an extra mile all day long.

3. Uvex by Honeywell Ultra Spec 2001 OTG

These safety glasses resemble the previous over the glasses safety glasses at first sight. They both have clear frames and neat structural figure that gives a decent look on the face.

Unlike the former product, these OTG safety glasses have an extended bow guard area where you can personalize the use of allotted space to fit your prescription eyeglasses at ease.

Have you thought of wearing safety glasses over prescription glasses during outdoor corporate events? These Ultra Spec 2001 model is a remodeled “Visitor Specs” design that decreases the risk of danger even on formal occasions for office personnel who needs advanced protection eyewear that looks cool and presentable on the get-go.

The physical composition of these glasses is well-managed because of a great deal of comfort associated with these glasses. The padded temple end tips and the lengthened built-in side shield with air ventilation provide long-wearing comfort in peripheral viewing.

You’ll never run out of protection options through the wraparound design dual polycarbonate lens coating. First is the UVextreme anti-fog for a high endurance performance that can be reliable on extreme heat of the sun, and the Ultra Dura Hard coat that incorporates first-class anti-scratch protection.

I can’t get enough of the overall lovable design. It supports utmost defense from multiple sources of accidents caused by flying debris and airborne fragments that can easily penetrate the eyes. That is why I get excited knowing that these OTG glasses cover ANSI z87.1 + 2015 and CSA z94.3 certification.


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