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Bollé Safety, world leader in the design and manufacture of protective glasses, has presented its Healthcare division dedicated to all healthcare professionals. Its range of protective glasses with PLATINUM® treatment, anti-fog and anti-scratch, offers the highest levels of protection, clarity and vision to employees with high exposure.

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Protection against viruses and infections

Bollé Safety offers certified products, which comply with the strictest international standards. Its range of PPE with anti-fog treatment is designed to protect professionals who are at high risk of being exposed to body fluids when caring for their patients. Our company’s commitment is to provide the highest quality protection for all healthcare workers.

The importance of a clear vision

The permanent double-sided, anti-fog and anti-scratch PLATINUM® treatment is unique and exclusive to Bollé Safety, it is available in neutral safety glasses and prescription glasses. It is the first company in the world to supply all its prescription lenses with the PLATINUM® treatment, which gives all glasses great scratch resistance and delays the appearance of fog. PLATINUM® technology ensures greater protection and guarantees greater safety, reliability and comfort in all circumstances.

Most goggles on the market only protect the inside of the lens against fogging and the outside against scratches. Bollé Safety offers more complete protection, applying its innovative treatment on both sides of the lens. PLATINUM® is based on a chemical treatment that incorporates both hydrophilic materials, which absorb moisture, and hydrophobic techniques, which divert excess moisture to the sides of the lens.

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A comfortable outfit that can be worn all day

Our goggles are light and comfortable to wear all day. Bollé Safety has worked on adjustable features and smart technologies to ensure that each frame fits perfectly to any face, regardless of size. Our glasses guarantee a comfortable and safe experience, and reduce risks in the work environment.

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With a wide range of innovative, comfortable and protective safety glasses, Bollé Safety has the right equipment for your specific needs. Led by innovation for more than 130 years, we develop all of our products to exceed the expectations of our users. Our range of goggles offers all healthcare professionals the highest levels of protection, clarity and vision, while our lens innovations ensure better eye protection.

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