AAA shares reminders ahead of summer travel plans

RICHMOND, Va. (WHSV) – As more Americans receive their COVID-19 vaccine and states ease safety restrictions, many people are in need of a getaway, but AAA Mid-Atlantic wants to make sure you get to your destinations safely.

On May 1, the Great American Road Trip campaign will launch to help travelers with the tools they need as they get behind the wheel for a much-needed vacation.

From travel planning assistance, maps, TourBooks, and making sure your vehicle is ready to roll out of town, AAA experts are assisting travelers to navigate everything from finding a place to park their RV or car, hotel and rental car options, and COVID travel restrictions.

“Make sure you have all your PPE and that you know COVID protocol everywhere you’re going to stop because it’s different everywhere,” Martha Meade with AAA Mid-Atlantic said. “Not only know it the day you plan your trip, know it on the day you leave for your trip.”

Meade reminds you to not travel if you are sick with symptoms of COVID-19 or plan to travel with someone who is sick. Pack face masks, gloves, and products to sanitize cars and surfaces for the trip. Plan to make as few stops as possible.

AAA has a special online COVID-19 Travel Restrictions map of the US to help travelers keep track of the ever-changing rules and regulations. It is being regularly updated as states loosen COVID restrictions.

According to a survey conducted within the past week by Destination Analysts, over 70 percent of people say they will be taking a trip in the next three months. Vehicle travel remains the most popular with only 34 percent of people saying they plan to fly.

For those driving, AAA says to remember to check your battery, engine, and tires before heading out.

“People are tired of being cooped up. They want to go to the beach, the lake, just someplace warm and soak in that vitamin D,” Meade said. “National parks are very popular as well, and really all road trips across this beautiful country.”

For more information and tips from the Great American Road Trip campaign, click here.

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