HSM MAGAZINE – Reliable, comfortable sealed eye protection…

MCR SAFETY prides itself on its range of safety glasses, goggles and face visors, which are available to all within a competitive price range.

The Hydroblast HB3 is the latest addition to our goggle range. Designed and manufactured by MCR Safety, this is a premium product offering vital protection from liquid and molten splash, dust particles and it has our Anti-Fog feature to prevent mist and condensation.

It’s a sealed unit eye protector, a form of eye protection which is becoming increasingly popular throughout the industrial sector. The onset of COVID-19 has also played its part in highlighting a need for more fortified face coverings.

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The Hydroblast Goggle is a great piece of safeguarding eye protection for industrial environments spanning a wide cross-section of industry.

You can find out more about the Hydroblast HB3 Goggle by visiting the MCR Safety Website or you can make enquiries by phone or via email at:

+44 (0) 1922 457 421

Read More:HSM MAGAZINE – Reliable, comfortable sealed eye protection…