Arizona Nonprofits Indicate Urgent Need For Thermometers, Wipes, Other PPE

Personal protective equipment is in short supply for half of Arizona’s nonprofits, according to a new survey of more than 360 organizations across the state.

The most pressing need, according to the survey, is disinfectant wipes — over 50% of responding nonprofits said they either have “none” or are “almost out.” Of those who indicated an urgent need, more than 80% pointed to the general unavailability of the wipes.

More than 30% of nonprofits said they are in urgent need of reusable cloth masks and thermometers — items which they indicated are generally available for purchase but are considered too costly.

In total, the nonprofits indicated a need for more than 173,000 containers of wipes; 100,000 reusable cloth masks; 825,000 pairs of gloves; and 12,000 thermometers. More than 1-in-3 Arizona nonprofits (37%) have resorted to do-it-yourself techniques like hand sewing.

The survey by the Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits included a handful of anonymized anecdotes about the pressing need for supplies:

“When in-person programs are allowed, we have about 200 students (4th-6th grade) and 30 adult volunteers per school day at our facility,” one nonprofit responded. “We plan to re-open with only half of the students at one time to allow more distancing, so that will be 100 students and 15 adults per day with continual sanitizing of all surfaces. We need to temperature check each student upon arrival and need to clean surfaces many times a day.”

Other items in short supply for nonprofits across Arizona include disinfectant spray (>40% have none or are almost out); gloves (30% have none or are almost out); and disposable surgical masks (>25% have none or are almost out). Items more readily available to nonprofits, but still in demand, include hand soap and sanitizer, face shields and gowns.

“As nonprofit organizations push forward on their respective missions to provide critical services and resources to communities all over the state at a time of unprecedented challenges, they are doing all they can to ensure the protection, health and safety of their staff and volunteers,” said Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Chief Executive Officer Kristen Merrifield. “It is vital that we, as citizens of Arizona and residents of those communities, support them either through donations of money or, if possible, the PPE many of them so desperately need.”

The Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits has set up a landing page on its website with resources for nonprofits in need, including information about a special PPE partnership with DollarDays for alliance members.

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